Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm on the computer.

At my house. hey guys.
parents. geeettt off.

I'm on a computer.
A real computer.
At my house.
I'm gonna party tonight!

exciting yo.

I'm on the phone too.
this was quite the fascinating blog post.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm here to tell you that I'm sorry I was sorry.

But i'm happy that youre happy.

illuminate the "no's" on their vacancy signs.

That song makes my chest hurt a bit.

just saying.
according to the typing test I just took, i type at 36 wpm.

lies, I'm way faster.


I was just reading Kayla's 2009 posts.
it's 9:04, gotta get ready to leave this class.

but I've got 6 minutes, and I'm going to use them.

I feel weird right now,

and like, happy.
but there's a knot in my stomach,
and i'd like to know it's orgin.

hello. how are you?

watch all our heroes sell a car on tv.

cuantos blogs puedo escribir en la clase?
no se.
estoy escribiendo en espanol,
si no sabes.

mi boca duele.
es mal. D:

me encanta esta cancion!
all I ever wanted to do was to fall in love
just to be in love.
I just lost it,
and I can't believe it.

es triste. y encantador.

mi pelo,
esta un lio.


jacob decio: that's a lot of spanish.

yo se.

no puedes entender.
^ me gusta la cosa.

pero no quiero una persona que puede hablar espanol leer esta blog,
porque no se si que esta cierto.

it was the way that he smiled and said, "you won't feel a thing."

when the lights all went out, we watched our lives on the screen.

it was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing.

the palace at 4 am.

I did my work today. and I finshed.
I now have pleeenttttty of blogging time.
so now I hate talking,
this lisp.

Jacob is next to me googleing strange relgions and reading about them.

I sort of gave up on Jesus, he's never done anything for me.

I'mma creepy stalker who looks out of her window into the neighbor's window.
A neighbor with whom I'm currently not speaking.

I'm listening to A.C. Newman.

I'm also about to publisih this and start another.

this is what they told us before pulling the trigger.

I think I want some banana bread.
totally random header by the way.
I'm gonna work now.

guhsdfgshdgfreaking lisp.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm on my iPod. Hello.
You should know,
I'm replaying today in my mind,
and it's not even real.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Dear Kayla,
I've been reading Oscar's blog for this whole period.
And I'm like,
engulfed in how he feels.
Because his bitching facinates me.
and i wanted to know what omgguesswhathi is.

play that song for me

3oh!3 is sexy.

and even if you don't dance

don't dance.

she knows not to be just another wife in waiting, so she's just a widow that I'm dating.

all it would be is a broken bracelet.

yesterday was funn.
we were being weirdos.
something I love doing, quite honestly.
because what do you enjoy more then yelling at the track team to take their shirts off?
um, nothing.

so maybe this time, you'll get off my blog.
yeah, please do get off.
Because how many rude posts will it take?

Dear Kayla,
I was talking to Raul when I read that lumberjack thing, and I was like, tell me how to say this. and he was like... i dunno.
I also wanted to tell you that it will all be over the second Matt decides to read your blog.

Dear Jacob,
You're reading over my shoulder. Wanna do my work today?

Dear Cheezits,
I wish you weren't so delicious. Seriously.

Dear Parents,
I hope you never ever ever read this.

I miss blogging,
because my parents took you away from me.

blahh blaah blaaaaahhhhh.

they could go and be like danny's parents and call the entire freaking world.

way to have no pride in your son.
or... care about him.

I haven't talked to him since last thursday.
I'm waiting for him to come and say something.

guess what today is.
guess what happened two weeks ago.
not telling.

oh oh oh. Colby has my jacket.

with my chapstick and gum.
certainly makes los besos quite difficult.

Maybe I should do my work.
I don't have headphones today.
That bloows.
Oh and after school will suck.
I forgot skate pants.
Oh my genitals.

i dunno.

I was listening to 3oh!3 yesterday.
they're really cool.
and they make me happy.

they're what I listen to when I need to get, like puumped.

tongue in cheek till the hole burns out of her mouth. and
fingers crossed like the promise of cub scouts
and we know that the picture in her heart shaped locket is far
from an inanimate object.
she's as dark as the blood pulsing under her skin,
still afraid of the boogey man under her bed
and we know that the ashes in the urn was a person,
and we never should have burned him.

break it down to a fraction,
I'm doing decimal subtraction
to find a reaction.

Friday, April 16, 2010

second post in one day.

I like radiohead.
aannnd I want more people to read my blog.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I apologize for you not liking my flaws, I thought they suited me quite well.

first off,
get off my page. right now.
close the window.

no you, they know who they are.

get off.

I hope you are.

I'm sick of where I am.
I'm also sick of being run.

If I could leave, and not come back, I would.
there's a lot say, except I know the people I told to leave haven't left yet.
I wish you all would.

Monday, April 12, 2010

castle makes me want to be a cop

so true.
so so true.
dear kayla,
did you get my coke thingy?
it's my hope and dream that you turn it into a bracelet.

I have to do dr. K's homework.
I'm eating fish sticks. mmm.

I'm a fatty fat fat fat face.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

beautiful things said

pretty early in the morning,
or late at night.
these things that aren't really forgettable,
and make my stomach twist into lovely knots to think about.

I just lost the game.
you're welcome.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

being around you makes me not trust anyone.

so today, I fell like crazy.
that wasn't before I was like, thisclose to landing my axel. that's right. thisclose.

I just didn't land. I rotated, and my right foot came down. stuupid right foot.

so kayla,
thinking of you makes me lose the game.
but also, on your blog, I understood who you were talking about first paragraph.

and I will continue.
because really? try hypocrisy.
it's what you do. and when you're a jerk,
I wonder if it makes you happy, or if it makes you feel like you fit in.
or maybe you're so bohemian you're going for that i-don't-care-what-you-think attitude,
except now it's just irritating.

I'm basketball gaming tonight.
I want to swim.
I want to swim.
I also want to go see Blue October tomorrow, and OK Go on may 5, and dr. dog on may 14.

I watched the Green Mile last night. and that was sad.
and oddly good.
like, i want to watch it again.
and again.
and it's weird, because it's haunting.
But I want to fully understand it because it's interesting.

I was watching flash forward,
now I'm watching Modern Family.

I would say I feel fat, when in fact I feel skinny.
in a baad way.

oh and last night was fun.


Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm with bridget!

and I'm on her computer, I just thought I should blog.
because blogging was cool.

did I tell you guys about my brownie cupcakes?!
they're f'amazing!

they're brownie batter,
baked in cupcake cups.

we're just doing girl stuff,
watching america's next top model,
we're gonna watch titanic next.

do you know what happened to me?!

I was sleeping,
and bridget called me,
and we talked.

oh my gosh.
it's a good thing she's cool.

that could get me into trouble someday.

well, ok.

repeat after me: I am completely helpless.

It's like, I don't want to hate them,
But I do.

It's a bad habit.

I'm crypic, I should stop.
I'm fat too.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


should save the date,
april 6.
not today,

oh wow, I'm all cool and cryptic.

whoa, AAR is cool.
they're amazing.
I wanna go to one of their concerts and mosh.

actually no,
I'd like die in a mosh pit.

oh haha. he goes and kisses random women in the audience.
speaking of which,
anyone who reads this,
which is like no one.
but if you do,
and want to lend me your kanye cd I'd be happy :).

I'm watching Big Bang Theory.
I'm a bum who has to catch up on my television.
I need to watch a lot to catch up,
I'm about to do some crunches and stuff yo.

I'm blogging, so I can't.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

it's not easy living like this.

that's chilling.

I've got chills.

It's not comfortable.
like drinking coffee,
I've got artificial feelings.
they churn my stomach and numb my brain.

what is this?

a blog is clearly the place to sort out my mind.

writing doesn't relax me, oddly.

walking around the city after dark
need protection.

3 separate cars honk at me when I walk home.
not so much for self esteem.

hide in my clothes,
crawl through my kitchen sink.


I don't know why
I feel so tongue-tied.
Twitching and salivating like myxomatosis.


i don't like clingy people.

true story.

turn my feelings off

make me untouchable.

I got home, and it was warmer.
I didn't recognize my street,
I forgot the smell of my house.

I forgot how I felt too.

And this is weird, my mind is swarming.

I have so much to say.
Interesting things that happened to me.
But it's human instinct to whine, and that's what I feel drawn to do.

And now I'm just like gosh, Hop off.

I'm in my room and my luggage isn't here,
That's my summer clothes, right there. But no, not like I needed them.

Dear Kayla,
I like reading letters you write to me on your blog.

Dear Dad,
It would make me feel more comfortable if you didn't read this.

And Mom,
The same goes for you.

"I like seeing what my daughter is up to."

Well, you could ask.

Instead you claim that the laundry lady takes the money.

That's not annoying.

I'm supposed to be doing an SAT packet right now.

I honestly can't get through. I've got a lot in my mind right now. Not on, but in.

And I go to empty it out, but it doesn't come.