Sunday, February 28, 2010

My inner super hero.

Here's me.
I go to my room to do homework, and don't want to do homework. So instead I clean my room.

Here's my thought.
If I were a super hero/villain, I would be magnet girl. or some variation of that. Imagine it. There's iron in the Earth, so I could levitate myself. I could repel bullets, and since people have iron in them, as magnet girl, I could move them.

I would be the ultimate super villain. If I wanted to like rob a jewelry store (a staple activity of bad guys on Lois&Clark) I wouldn't have to kill anyone, my magnets would open the master vault.
I could totally control the cities electricity, and do all sorts of evil things.

and no one can ever take down a magnetic person.
I think it's so great.
wouldn't it be so great?

serrriously. it would be so great to be magnet girl.

Monday, February 15, 2010


no seriously, guess.
it sucks. and you won't guess. because what i'm doing is ridiculous. i'm rewriting a history paper. and amazing, 5 page biography of albert einstein. i got a c! how? i don't know. i know a lot about him now though. like ask me anything. irrelevant. but anyway, did you know that albert einstein can wiggle his ears? we share that talent. that leads me to believe there's still hope for me.
while i'm on a tangent, my dad looks like einstein. i think that means we're related.

so on topic, i'm rewriting my already amazing paper, because apperantly i misunderstood the assignment and wrote five pages on the whole life of him, when instead i was supposed to write five pages on his life in the '20s and '30s.

you may have noticed my lack of capitalization. i think it's poetic. not really, but just purposeful.
i'm becoming more active, so yesterday i wrote about 4 pages of notes for spanish, like conjugations for the preterite tense, and just general verbs. i hope by doing this outside school, i won't forget everything i knew because of this failure of a teacher.

she's so lazy. like she doesn't check work, because she doesn't feel like it. and she'll tell us, oh i know you can't do it so i'm not going to teach it to you.

and when the state requires her to give us a test, she'll translate it, so we understand.
we're in spanish 3. and we need her to translate a test. she. sucks. at. teaching.

annd i'm gonna go back to writing my not as amazing as the first paper history paper.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

lets all take 5,654,430,495,59596 pictures on a webcam and put them all on facebook

a staple activity for high school students.
lets all watch football!
because that's so great?
you're so lucky to have snow!
yaaay I don't get to go anywhere.

I'm getting fat. fattness makes me mean.
sad truth.

I'd like to run. I think I will now, even though I'll slip. I just feel so fat.
and i smell!
and I'm addicted to Lois&Clark
i have no life.

my back hurts.
im just full of bad news.

superbowl sucks this year.
i mean moreso then every year.

this blog is so cheery now.