Saturday, December 19, 2009

Did it hurt?

That's a great song, by nevershoutnever!
So today it snowed, and snowed.
and my friend and I dressed up. I wore 4 pairs of pants.
We went outside to find it wasn't good packing snow.
I realize now the powdery snow is good for sledding.
It was very windy, and no one was outside.
Sooo we danced around a lot
and we jumped into the snow,
and it was deep snow.
it's such a workout to be in snow.
It's fun too.

And we watched Push last night,
which is a great movie and I love it and would highly recommend it.

I think poses for pictures are stupid.
Like your middle finger.
Does that send a message to anyone other then that you don't care about maybe that it's disrespectful, and you're unaware of the consequences?

It makes you look stupid.

So I've noticed the people who are skinny are the ones who are the fattest.
Like the ones who feel confident in a bikini and don't stress about eating and brag about a fast metabolism are the ones who actually have a rather expansive gut?

It's oddly disappointing, that these people we give labels to, they don't really live up to be who they give themselves the reputation of being.

And it's not that they need to achieve perfection. Not at all. But they should at least live up to their own standards.

I also realized Christmas music sucks.
Holiday music is nice.
But when you start to sing about Jesus,
it doesn't matter how devoted you are and all that,
people feel uncomfortable.

Besides, according to Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, Jesus was born in the summer and everyone lied about his birthday.
So how can we complain about "What Christmas Has Become..."
When it became what it was a looong time ago?

I'm pretty sure it was around 2008 years ago.

I started thinking of the origin of everyone's love for snow.
Maybe it's just wanting to get out of school.
But still, when snow comes on Friday night, people get excited.
It's weekend, with 6 days until Christmas.
I'm fairly sure we need to go places, but with 18 inches of snow on the ground its hard to leave the house and buy the things you need.
Snow is cold, snow is wet. Snow gets inside your socks and makes you borrow your dad's boots, to wear bulky coats and 4 pairs of pants, just to go outside and find that your face is freezing,
and after you make a snowman and have a pathetic snowball fight, there's not much else you can do but shovel your driveway.

So remind me exactly why we like snow.

I'm bored (I can't go anywhere because it's snowing.)
So I will give you (my one reader, MARA!) a list of potential reasons to like snow and then why they suck.

1) It's pretty.
Take a picture. Go to Europe.
2) You can sled.
Has anyone ever actually had fun sledding? Or was it just the fun of being with friends but in reality you're cold and the snow sucks for sledding anyway?
3) You can make a snowman.
Is there any better way to waste a carrot?
4) Snowball fight.
As if anyone actually likes snowball fights. Society just tells us we should.

I think hot weather is really the best thing.
That's just me.
Bye now.

Friday, December 18, 2009

You're only as tall as your heart will let you be.

So I had the best idea ever thought of.
Care to hear it?
So Abba's boredom mixed with creative bankruptcy resulted in the creation of Mamma Mia.

Imagine, if you will, the Mamma Mia of My Chemical Romance.
Can you picture it?
The story of a guy who lost his father (black parade) and then goes to sing for the rest of his life.
He suffers from depression (I'm not okay)
He then gets a suicidal girlfriend (Helena) and helps her (Famous Last Words) so she's not suicidal, then gets cancer (Cancer) and then dies (Sleep)
then when he's dead, Helena tells the doctors he can be a donor (Blood).

Well maybe that's a bit gloomy.

But I know a play is out there.
If you can write a play about a girl who has three possible fathers and doesn't even find out which one is her father and it gets turned into a movie, why not the story of an emo band with true messages about society.

So I got my PSAT scores.
I realized I did better then a lot of people so I can't brag. I will now boast on here.
And for those who do read this, it's my blog, don't like it don't read it.

To continue

61 critical reading.
I scored higher then 94% of sophomores. Go me.

54 Mathematics
I scored higher then 81% of sophomores. Go me.
I was really dissapointed with how I did in math. I wanna retake it and do better.

50 Writing Skills
I scored higher then 79% of Sophomores. Go me.
This was my worst (Duh)
and I'm dissapointed in myself.

My overall section index was 165.
My Percentile among college-bound juniors was 77.
Go me.

Does this make me smart?

So I think this joke is funny:

An atom walks into a bar, and asks the bartender, “Have you seen my electron? I’ve lost my electron.”
The bartender responds, “Are you sure?”
The atom responds, “Yes, I’m positive.”


So yesterday in science, we had a gift exchange
I love that class, and the people.
I don't think I say that but once a year.
We don't do anything in the class.
We don't learn anything,
and I think I'm losing brain mass
We did a gift exchange
and I was late to class, and they waited for me before they opened presents.
I got a mixology by Kayla.
It was amazing.
And it had a little booklet to go with it, with a drawing with a dinosaur and the list of the names of the songs. That meant a lot because I could tell she worked a lot on it.

I went to the lego store and made three characters, Pirate Michael, Firefighter Jon, and Lumberjack Kayla.

I also sorta anticipated him forgetting Kayla, so I got her a stick of sparkly blue eyeliner.
Jon anticipated the same thing and got her a voodoo doll keychain thing,
and named it Ivy :D
Gerald got Jon a psp!
and Jon got Gerald this helladank statue thing.
Since Michael wasn't there, we changed Pirate Michael into Pirate Gerald, and they each got their counterpart.

I thought that was the greatest thing, and I was really happy with how it turned out.

Spanish, my next class, was awful.
I just hate stupid people.
And fat people,
and teachers who don't teach,
oh well I think I just don't like people in general.
Except my science buddies.

So I also discovered I'm very judgmental when it comes to coffee.
Not naming names, not that it would matter because this particular person would never read my blog, but this person, let's call him Jose.

Jose gets a coffee maker for Hanukkah.
He makes instant coffee.
Pours out about a quarter of it
and fills it up with creamer. French vanilla.

Now, I'm not so hardcore that I take my coffee black. I take it with milk and a little teeny bit of sugar.

He then (after loading it with enough creamer to make 5 people diebetic) adds sugar.
I make some comment, to which he replies, "Shut up."
Then, he goes to the fridge and takes out the whipped cream.
And then,
he goes and puts the whipped cream on his coffee. Which isn't coffee anymore.
It's not a beautiful brown, its more a yellow-y color.
The color of apple cider.

I'm assuming that the coffee taste was all but gone, and it was pretty cold by then.
And I know I shouldn't judge other people's coffee drinking habits, but its one of those things that bothers me.

Coffee, popular as it is, can only be drunk by the most hardcore people.
People who drink instant, half coffee half creamer, caramel macciatos, lattes, mochas, ANYTHING with whipped cream and call it coffee have issues.

The people who say I loove coffee then have a sip and make a face bother me.

Aaand I'm going to stop this now, a nice long post to tide you over.

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas.