Monday, September 14, 2009

Blogs are for complaining

Is that true? I don't think so.
Kinda depressed.
Can't fathom why.
My theory: I'm too smart. But we know that's not true.
Who can't write proper English?
Seriously, a spelling test?

I had to hide the Nutella from myself. That stuff is waaayyyy too good man.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you moving far too fast?

You know, I'm sort of scared,
just as scared as I was of starting high school,
I'm afraid of winter.
I don't want it to get colder. I don't want things to change.
Because I'm fine with how things are now, in fact, for once I wish it was still summer. Usually I'm glad for seasons change.
but I don't want fall, or winter, or anything.
I wish time stood still or something.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do you feel like you're stuck in time?

Perchance you noticed the change of blog name, Did you?
I don't know, thought it was time for a change. Did you know that there is a weight room at my high school?
And I got a piggy back ride today from someone who is probably half my weight. He called my fat.

Why are there like 40 people on the varsity soccer team, and only like 15 on the JV team?

Or why I'm at the library, and I might know the random person sitting next to me, he may be in my English class, but oh my I have no idea.

Maybe I should be more social, after all, it's sort of my fault when some other kid is grading my "spelling test" (in quotes because I am WAAAAAAYYYY too old for spelling tests.) marks me down just because he doesn't like me.

Maybe it's a matter of race. Did you hear I got yelled at by some fat girl I never talk to about catching an attitude? I wasn't even talking to her.
I mean, why all the automatic hostility? Is it really necessary?
If I never talk to you, you have no reason to hate me. So in theory, we could be totally nice to eachother. But that's just not how the average BLEH rolls. No, she's too busy making her friends hate her and lining up in the snack line and getting in trouble for violating the dress code (ew.) to bother being nice to the white girl.

That was such a redundant blog. AHEM. Well I should leave. bye!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are you insane?

I swear I am.
But that's neither here nor there. What's here and there is that I haven't blogged in a while.
So once again, I must update you on my life, (even though I'm fairly sure the only people reading this are my parents, I am still convinced that my blog will one day become famous).

Well I sometimes get this feeling that I am disgusting. It usually comes right around after eating way too much then feeling a double chin growing and my stomach expanding. Trust me, you don't want to be me.
So that happened tonight, and I can't just feel fat, I have to do something. So at 9:00 at night I take a jog around my hood.

You know what's worse then feeling gross and fat?
Feeling gross and fat and having cramps. But 100 sit ups later, the gross is usually replaced with exhaustion.

So today I took the BUS, I know.
More people should use public transportation, don't you think?

You know how some people listen to work out music?
Well, if you turn your sound up, you're listening to some now!

Well hopefully. For me, as I am typing this, it's still loading. You know what I love? Cold War Kids. And Spoon. And the Strokes, and MCR, and oh wow this could go on for a while. Basically, you should look up this stuff since clearly you're bored.

13 Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words from

This song would be called Famous Last Words by the wonderful My Chemical Romance.

So yes sorry about that little outburst above, I don't know what got into me.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are supposed to learn. And the teacher has a child in the class. And the child sucks at life. Except AY&WTDG:OISHfgare9yghlS. I'm sorry, That's how I feel.
And that litte girl has the nerve to tell me that, "you suck" well excuse me, at least I don't need my mother to confirm talent that isn't really there.

Because so you know, I don't suck. And I don't need my mother to confirm that. I'm not going to whine and put myself down so people can tell me it's not true.
*whimper* I'm so fattttttttt
So the correct response is, "No you're not."
My response is,
"Yeah, you kinda are."

So with the above, "I feel gross"
Don't be all like Oh she's anorexic. Because I get a lot of crap like that. More like ew I feel nasty.

Well I'm going to go try to work a little bit more before bed, bye.