Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is the life.

And it sucks.
But we must deal?
So today I sat next to the future murderer of the junior class, who asked if I was a freshman.
And I'm the smartest person in my english and science classes. Maybe history too, who knows.

But how is it even possible to be in "honors" integrated science?
And it's not.
Because it's the real idiots who can't make bio.
Oh but did you hear? I'm in Honors Algebra 2 trig, with a teacher who I can't understand. And I talk fast, I get the talking fast.
But he talks way too fast and way too indian to get it.

Well if I pass that, and I mean I will, straight A's here,
I will take pre calc during summer, Which may or may not count as a high school credit, maybe even college.
So as a sophmore I'll take AP calc, and as a junior I'll take AP stat.

Sounds good.

Thing is, everyone who deserves to be in honors is in a different program.
I might die.

You know, we wasted so much time just listing careers.
That's not science.

So anyways,

life is a blow. but it's pretty fun anyways.
random I know.
i think I'm stoned on earl grey, I know I should lay off the tea for a bit.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Did you learn anything today?

Because I didn't.
I went to freshman orientation today. It was extremely disorganized and I ditched.
I know, my first episode of being bad. Because I am so bad.
Gosh. This sucks.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shop with Yuppies

Oh Maa Gawd. It sucks.
I mean, who really wants to try something on that they love, sure it's a little out there, a little different then what normal people wear, then ask your Yuppy friend how it looks and they give you a dirty look and go "...ummm, it's .... great."
I mean, seriously, I don't want you to tell me what I want to hear. I would rather hear, (something mandy would say, see misadventures)
"No. Go back, take that off. That's disgusting on you."
Because I would rather be told that then get a strange look like I'm crazy.
I'm not crazy. I assure you.
"I mean, dresses at Nordstrom are only like, $68. That's really not that bad."
I mean seriously? You're not going to get a T-shirt you will wear once a week but you will pay $120 for a dress you will wear twice?
"It's sort of worth it."

Oh and then Whole Foods. Whole Foods, Whole Foods, Whole Foods.
More expensive, all organic, and it really doesn't even taste that good.

If you get dragged into one...
Poor you.

"So do you like this Whole Foods?"
"Well, it seems exactly like Giant except it has more earthtones on the walls."
"Yeah, but it's better."
[incredulous face]
"I mean, if it's better for you, it's worth paying more."
"Right, so how exactly is it better?"
"All organic."

right, so lets take a pause in the conversation for me to rant on organic food.
You know, if you grow a peach on a tree, does that make it organic?
I say so. Because it's grown on a tree, not in a lab. Everything with no chemicals is organic. Right?
Wrong. Because when you add the words organic to a lable, and about 60% to the price, clearly it's better.
back to the conversation.
"What defines organic?"
"I don't know, they don't use pesticides, they don't add chemicals to the milk, they feed cows grass, instead of hay. Hay is cheaper."

Now lets pause again and examine that. Hay. Is cheaper then grass. Excuse me, what is that green stuff on the ground? Ahem, grass.
Excuse me, would you rather eat a perfectly good peach, or eat a peach with a worm in it?
Ahem, The normal peach. Yes, that would mean it might be made of pesticides.
You know, you can't die from that. That's why you wash produce. I prefer nice delicious food to nasty "naturally sweetened" more expensive CRAP.

So lets fast forward to the check out line, where we are purchasing two $4 slices of pizza and an $8 loaf of "French bread." Let me ask you something. If it's made in the united states, how can it be french? So I see some individual packs of Stacey's pita chips. I choose to say, "Oh I love those, I get them in bulk for about $4 for 36 packs at Costco."
I get some dirty looks, mixed judgment and pity.
"Oh, do you like dipping them in Hummus?"
"No, they don't sell that in bulk."

And, who pays $48 for a headband from Anthropologie?
And, who pays $70 for a sweatshirt?

I'm sorry, but what is wrong with society?
What is so wrong with paying $3 for a shirt that's worth $2?
That's so reasonable!


what a confusing world.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Better off Ted

I am in love with this show! Ted is sooo cute! I want to marry his son!
So my tummy feels all weird, like I'm burping. GROSSSS.....
anyways, you know what adults love to hear?
I will give you the no fail guide to getting out of trouble.
"It was poor judgment."
"It was my mistake."
"I'm sorry."
"I won't do it again, I promise."
Use these, any time, it will work. Guaranteed.
Ok, so be scared, I'm running out of things to say, to talk about.
I started another blog, but it's not going to be amazing as this one. I'll check in more once school starts, tell you about my homework load, and the freaks I meet.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Make it or Break it

Wow. This show is some crap. It's not good, at all.
So here is my rant about day one of freestyle camp.
There are waaaaaayyyy too many little kids.
And it's not a training camp now, it's a regular camp.
With the coaches trying to think of activities that the 7 year olds will enjoy.
And the real skaters roll their eyes and do the cha cha slide in the block formation.
I'm sorry it's just... It needs to be more intense.
and really this show sucks. Don't watch it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So I cook

I'm sooo nice.
My parents go golf, and I cook.
That's not all.
I cook chicken, my amazing chicken, which maybe if you pay me I will give you the recipe for. Or maybe just blog it when I'm bored.
So either way,
I cooked chicken. But apparently vegetables are needed, So I cut up two cukes and a mato, and made it all pretty.

Oh yay, they're home. Let's eat.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I like Food

I ate waaaayyy too much tonight.
And is it possible to get full on water?
I think it is, I just did.
Ugh, I'm gonna DIE!
burrp.. just now.
My tummy hurts.
Burrrp again.
Ugh I'm too full to blog.

Lets see if I can write an entire blog in another language

oye personas!
Yo estoy con mi madre, veindo la televisor.
Y tambien, estoy comiendo chili.
Muy sabroso.
No puedo piensar mas.
Au revior!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Speak in a week!

So in moment of discussing my future, I told my mom how bitter I was about not going to a french emersion school. I told her how much I would loooooveee to speak french. It's such a pretty language.
So with my new speak in a week program on my iPod and some little notebooks to carry around where ever I want to, I am finding out the sad truth: The alphabet as I know it is a lie.
And for all you young readers who don't know it yet, it's good that you know this as soon as possible.
You may think as you take your intro to spanish at your elementary school that the alphabet is just a little bit different, that you can just tweak it and it's just that simple. But that, children, is a lie.

We all know the french word for yes,
which happens to be my favorite word to say maybe ever,
except its not spelled wee,
it's spelled oui.
What, what, what? you are saying.

I know. Madness.

When a simple 2 words in english turns into a rushed 7 words in french,
well, it's not that pretty anymore.

So I'll stick with it.
But I might write random blogs about how my brain is becoming very confused with the english I know, and spanish I know, and the french that is just some crap.

So you little ones who are still young and fresh, learn your language now. And I mean NOW. Go ask you mom to buy you wuzzy or muffy or whatever that french speaking green thing is so you can learn, then laugh at those pathetic high schoolers who are struggling to understand how an o can sound like a w, or why s's are silent sometimes but not others.
Because knowing this early might be the key to success in life.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

If this is what I call home,

Why does it feel so alone?
random lyrics.
So you all know how I post these amazing blogs?
I went away for 2 weeks.
Jeeze, it's about time you stop depending on this awesomeness right here.
Actually, you don't have to.
So, like,
I went without internet for 2 weeks.
My phone broke.
"Physical or Water damage"
oh pshhhh
I don't abuse my phone!

Anyone who knows me knows that.
Well anyways, I'm on my old centro,
which sucks.
Well kinda.
I texted with my nails too long, so the keyboard is all cracked...
Oh well.

So like,
Charming guys rock.
Meaning all the guys in the south.
What's wrong with these [insert state in the north for anti-stalker purposes]ers?!

So yeah,
haha water parks are the best place to make new friends.

Like the ones who carry the double tubes up the slide, and be your partner in crime in the lazy river.
That was funny.

And the lifeguard who looks like Dominic Monaghan, he probably has nightmares about us or something.

But plus,
they have the cutest accents ever!!
And they talk about how they wear boots,
and live in a small town and will go to a high school with 400 people.
Oh that was fun.

So like, what's up with the low tide?
That was weird.

And I now interrupt this blog to mention that i am on Youtube listening to Owl City,
and the username of the person who posted this video is
"OMGItsSuicidalKytten" and, 'OMGItsSuicidalKytten" you're welcome for the publicity.
OMG. It's a suicidal emo girl who thinks they are a cat. Spelled with a Y....

I was thinking about what I could be when I grow up,
I was thinking professional blogger.
Everyone loves my blog, right?
So why not do it for a living?

Oh that's my dream life.
Then marrying a charming guy from the south.

Whoa. That's awesome.
and on that amazing note, I leave you. Goodnight, dearest readers!