Friday, June 26, 2009

All Mixed Up in the Wash.

Go listen to some Cold War Kids.

How's your summer?
Mines is busy actually.
Bug bites! Lots of them!
And I got tan.
Tech (hell) week for Willy Wonka, which opens tomorrow!
So I have been trying to not be a summer bum.
Because isn't it so easy to waste your summer away on myspace?
Here's what I think:
MySpace during the school year, when you wish it was summer.
I don't want to waste my summer away.

Wow! has it only been a week! crazy!
It feels like soooo long!
So on Monday,
I went to the pool, I think that was Monday... I don't remember. Oh it was monday, I ironed my hair sunday then wanted to leave it so I didn't get in the pool but I tanned. And read. And it was dumb that I didn't get in because of my hair, Because on the ride home I got so sweaty and gross that I took a shower anyways.
Then Tuesday,
I cleaned my room! It was amazing! Mandy helped, of course. But it's vaccuumed and everything!!!
And Wednesday,
I went to the pool with a bunch of people I like never hang out with. It was pretty fun. And oh my gosh. I didn't want to get tan, because I didn't want a tan line. And I put on LOADS of sunscreen, and I got even more tan!
And Thursday,
Play Practice to fatty party! and staying up late.
To Friday,
Waking up with waffles and Going to the last play practice.

So what's weird about this blog,
it's a blog, not my usually outlet of attitude.
Strange stuff.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Puedo hablar en vietnamese.

So now my blog is hard to read?! Oh my!
I must change my blogging ways....
Oh food!!!
I'm watching here comes the newlyweds

hungryyyy.... all the time. summerness.

hm. want to give me some recipes? I want food!

although I am happy to say that I have been off the Dublin Mudslide for a few weeks now

Up, Down, Up, Down

It will get harder, cuz Life's like a jump rope.

and if you were wondering, she ended up with yummy cowboy. too bad, the rich guy was gorgeous.

ahhhh. summer. off to clean. bye!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pull this here handle

I'm watching Sweet Home Alabama.

So who will Reese end up with? Yummy rich guy or yummy cowboy who smiles pretty?

But none are as hot as THE yummy cowboy- hannah montana movie.

I hope it's cowboy. I mean he's so cute when he smiles! But also rich guy got her a Tiffany's ring....

oh decisions. good night lovely people!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I less then three you.

do you get it?!

it's been a while sine I have posted a blog!

so you know what's so supersupersuper?

Winning in Jeopardy.

YESS UNDE-(wait for it..)FEATED!!

that was fun.

YAAYYY for the brian robertss turned melvin moras!

so then,

last day of school.

waaayy too late, don't you think?

and omg I got a job.

and that will be my teaser, because I won't say what the job is, until the end of the bulletin.

back to that whole last day thing.

the "assembly"
i mean it was a nice thought,
but it was gross.
hot and sweaty people grinding on eachother....

ah oh well.

So I know what my birthday presents are.
there are 2, well from my parents.

I am going to the American idol concert
I am flying to north carolina.

sooo wanna give me some presents?

well actually no... I hate people who like do that,

ii takee the cakee julyy 14,
buyy me a presentttt?

gosh, can you say slut?

harsh opinions! I know!

which is why you will be so suprised about my job...
I won't tell you what it is yet though.

Wouldn't you LOVE to see a great play!

And I know that not a lot of people read this,
but I'm not gonna say where since maybe a stalker is reading

but if you wanna know when and where, message me

soooo I went to the beach today

not a real beach, the bay.

but that didn't stop me from getting fat and making a sand castle!

so how I spent the first day of summer,

well can't regret.



what is that?

anyway, me and G are such great dancers!

let me see you do the cupid shuffle, it don't matter if you're young or you're old, we will show you how to go.

two steepppp, two steepppp (and those are the only lyrics)

do that stanky leeggg, do the stanky leeggg,


but then there's

yes I walk it out,
yes I walk it out


YAAHH TRICK YAHH! get out my face! YAHH

and also

(one of my favorites)

the dance flo (spelling! ha) silly, the ladies gonna filmme.
the fallas in the back gonna twist up and somethingicantunderstandhim
get silly(AY AY AY)get silly(AY AY AY)

but no, not

soldja (oh idk how to spell) boy up in that hoe! watch me crank it watch me roll!

that is SUCH s stupid song.

am I losing you?

well I had better tell you my summer job thenn....

I am....

(drum roll please)

Arjun's life coach!

and no joke. hahaha.

maybe by the end of the summer he will be ready for a new school. fingers crossed.

I feel like Helen Keller's aid.

ahhh so now I must leave you;

much love for these unknown blog readers.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

oh goodness,

I haven't posted a blog in a while,
Well rehearsals, and finals, and more finals,
and well,
tomorrow starts the last week of school,
so more posts when summer starts,
I promise.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

i think master luke is in considerable danger!

And I don't know why people are so surprised by that.
Like some people will be like, "have you ever seen star wars?" with a ton of attitude.
And its like, No I've never seen it, I love them anyways.
DUH I have seen a movie that I love.
So I just watched episode 4, or episode 1 for you old peeps.

So I don't know why people think Star Wars is so nerdy.
I mean they are great movies!

So Yesterday was freaking amazing!
&& not to hurt feelings but my little group was waaaaaaaayyyyyyy better then going with a bigger group.
It was really fun.

Well I'm going to get back to my movie. Post more later.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

get off the stage!

I'm watching the american idol finale on tivo now.
lots of criticism.
first off, that "So What" was terrible. Sloppy. They were messy, their voices didn't go well together.

They sounded like a bunch of high schoolers with no practice singing.
Honestly, once in math my class started singing, and it sounded better then that.


David Cook is waaaayyy forgotton. So yeah he's hot. but he's so forgetable. fast forward. I'm bored.
He made the audience somber.

golden idol awards.
poor guys...
now why didn't he win?
"I want that purse, that is power!"

EW. Lil rounds and queen latifa? they both suck.
nothing racist, trust me. but you can tell that's why they're singing together.
that's also why all the dancers are black. my my my fox is so racist!
fast forward, that was way too boring.

EW. Anoop needs to shave.

And now its Kris and some random person. I'm bored. But I'll stick it out... oh ew no. fast forward.

Glamorous. EW that blond girl sucks.
it's sloppy. I wouldn't want to be singing with them.

OMG it's fergie wearing something slutty!
I mean I like Fergie. But this is baaaaddd.
Big girls don't cry is a greeeaatt song.

Black eyed peas!
Personally, I like the chinese guy,
randon censorship?
but really Fergie doesn't even do anything good in the band. I like the guys, just not her.
And random faceless people?
But overall, i like this performance.
Nazi sign at the end?

More idol awards.
Ew. Bikini girl. weiiiirrrdooo.

Kara is way better they her. HA! wow. pathetic.

Allison! Whooo!
This is such a pretty song. I like the other girl live.

I hate danny gokki. make him leave!

Gotta say I love Adam Lambert, he's my husband.

ugh, that's enough of that.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shoutout to Pop!

I'm so amazing.
Like really, get jealous.
OH well I totally forgot, this is a shoutout to Pop but not me!
OK well anyway.
RELA class, learning about poetry.
yaaaaayyy. no, not really.
Sarcasm, love it?
So we had to write poems, one of which was a ballad.
You know the definition of a ballad?
Well I do, I had to define it.
A narrative poem meant to be recited or sung.
We had to read one of our poems in class
and I am SO gonna sing to my class
I so did. And rocked it.

Here is my song/ballad

My daddy is cool,
he's cooler then yours
he's cooler then lions,
and lions roar.

We drink coffee,
and go to concerts,
because he is so cool,
except, he cares about school.

So when he turned 50,
I said "Dad, you're as old as a rock,
You can't be called dad anymore,
Your new name is Pop."

And he said, "That's fine.
I'm older then dirt,
but I'm still really cool,
because I'm wearing this cool shirt,
But really now, focus on school."

My dad went to UVA
and now he works
he doesn't really like his job,
because he's working for jerks.

But that's ok.
He's cool anyway,
He's cool as an ice cube.
That's very cool as they say.
And that is why,
My pop is so cool,
You should be jealous,
and wish that your dad is cool toooooooooo.

Oh that was amazing. But seriously, he's awesome. check out his blog, here


School's a blow

But ben&jerry's Dublin Mudslide is like, Probably what they give addicts in rehab so they switch from drugs to this. it's soo good!
Oh and hey, did you hear that dublin is gonna be the biggest city?
yeah, it's Dublin every day!

I can't wait for summer,
and I know that conflicts with what I said earlier about high school being all depressing,

I hate the assistant principals,
they are so stupid.

blah blah blah,

school makes me scream,
scratch that,
school makes me get fat of Dublin Mudslide.

MMMMMM it's so freaking good!

Left early, Sick.
Actually, I was sick because the gay principals made me chug my water,
and I was about to throw up


Anyway, I'm leaving you now,
off to do science.



Monday, June 1, 2009

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow!

my throat, is sore.
oh i don't know.
losing inspiration I guess.
It's the end of the year.
And nothing has changed
I still suck
still kinda confused.
And as much as I hate that pit of middle school misery,
we're nearing the end.
4 more years. THATS IT!!!
are you ready for the real world?
do you know what you really want?
I don't. And I don't want to leave the tiny world of middle school.