Saturday, May 30, 2009

Your eyes told a tale of an act of betrayal.

So today was such a waste of a Saturday
I woke up.
Then went back to sleep.
Some time I unplugged my phone, because when I was fully aware, it wasn't charging anymore. I'm pretty sure it was at 5:48 when I woke up...
So when I got up I spent a really really long time making myself pretty, just to go to play practice all freaking day. Then getting home, I decided I would love to make a change and cut my own hair. Not so fantastic. Oh well, it will grow out, and not much school left so I doubt anyone will notice.

This seems like boring blog. Well to me it does. I think it's cuz I'm not making judgmental remarks.

About that. I think being mean makes me sad. Like really it hurts my outlook on the world.
I should be nicer.
Nice is boring.

oh and you know what else is boring?
rule followers.
Gosh, they are just no fun.
I mean I'm not a bad kid. Meaning usually, I don't get caught.

But still, I guess I stretch rules.
My spanish teacher (cough) says that I always have one toe over the line.

But the line is sooooo boring!

Well I will try to be a nice person-interesting person hybrid.

Oh this is hard.

I'll work on it.
much luck with your life,

Friday, May 29, 2009

Can you stay strong?

So I miss Christmas. Some great, fantastic times.
And I say this because Brandon just called lol.
How sad, I miss my Christmas crew.

And so today was great. Tons of fun organizing music for band, and gossiping, and singing for the sixth grade chorus class. That was great.

Oh dude,
screamo SUCKS.

It's not even music.
It's noise.
Like I mean music that has screaming is fine, great even. But screamo is just so dumb.
No melody, or anything.
Just noise.

I never...

Hello there,
It's me.
I'm watching Jimmy Kimmel with M-M-Mandy.
Its funny.
and dude. today was awesome.
errrr not too much to say. there was a nice old bulletin to catch up onnnn....
soo bye.

Make me a supermodel!


I'm watching Cupid. It's cute.

I like the music in it.

Ugh so today;

and omg I was talking to Chris and I have a totally new view on Edward:
so for all you twilight fans
here is a wakeup call.
edward Pictures, Images and Photos
is a pedifile
like in real life if anyone acted like him,
they needed to be reported to the police
like seriously
hanging out in someone's room all the time,
telling you secrets you can't tell anyone
and how he's so controlling

soo guess what
I get to leave early tomorrow
to skate, then thursday too
then on friday night

Book project today.


hahahahahaha I love trevor
the cupid not a person

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm show is over

I better get back to doing the book project.



Thursday, May 28, 2009

newwww post! as in written just now!

Losing it is super beautiful. By NeverShoutNever!
go listen! gogogogo!
last school concert, ever.
oh and I missed the drama club play again. haha. that was soooo fun.
&& noo I didn't cut. I had a pass. XD
but us "lows" are supercool.

I want.a.stud.inmynose.

I mean thats so edgy and cool,
and when people would see me they would be like
whoa she's cool,
before even knowing me.

Well that's not why I want one.
Because personally I don't bother too much with what other people think.
If you think about it, nothing you do can change people's judgement. So why even try?
Por ejemplo, (and I feel I'm qualified to randomly use spanish because I'm beast in that class without really trying) My science teacher,
no matter what I do. I will be quiet and she will move me if the people around me are talking.
dude and I'm not even exaggerating!
She's a bit weird. And she smells like rice. haa but thats not cuz she's asian because she's not nearly ninja enough.

BACK to the whole nose pierced thing. wow, why do you get me so off track? What is wrong with you?! FISH SLAP!

Nose rings hurt. But they make a statement. And they're pretty. In a hardcore manner.
Like a manner that is so hardcore posers can't even get there.

Some people used to tell me that if I got a nose ring, they would never talk to me again.
But they're not talking to me anyway. So... What's stopping me?

OMG OMG OMG. GUESS WHO I SAW AT [insert italian ice stand's name here, I won't say it in case i go there and you, the stalker, is waiting for me]!!!
well i know you don't know.
it was my BEST FRIEND FOREVER Willie!
And by best friend forever, I of course mean the person who secretly wants to be my best friend but won't admit it.

that was awesome.
dude the other day, i was playing sax and i choked on my spit!
and it was right in the middle of a song! boo!
well anyways, gross.

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

oh, well if so, Thank you! I appreciate it a lot. Actually.... wait no. That was a mean thought. And I'm fighting those out of my mind.

But since this is MY blog, and you are reading this, I suppose I can say what I want... since, well, you're reading this and you don't have to be.

NO NO NO NO NO! don't press the little box in the corner with the x! that is a disasterous box!

I mean, unless you really have to go. But really, keep reading.

Well actually. I'm gonna wrap this up since it's getting late. But either way, I will try to move other my myspace blogs since we all know that is where the true aweomeness is going on.

I will. post again. later.

keep reading! don't press that little box with the x!

(because I am so cool!)

moooreeee catch upp =)

has anyone noticed how myspace is becoming facebook? I mean look the little message bar! I hate that on fb, now we have it on myspace too?
Myspace was fine before it turned into this!!!!

So I have my iPod on shuffle right now, and so you know, I have some weird music. Right now is Given Up on by
linkin Pictures, Images and Photos

and if you haven't heard that song and are a generally cheery person and want to hear something so depressing it's funny then listen to it. It's like, screaming. And to a point screaming is cool, I guess. But when you're screaming and it's noise more then music, it's a bit excessive.

Oh you know what pisses me off?

when people can't spell. or spell like crap for shorthand. or use weird symbols.

ok so for example:
lls= laughing like shit.
this is so stupid. shit doesn't even laugh. seriously.
but then you take this lls and turn it into
ok. wtf is a zhit? how does that even make sense?

turning "like"

I mean that's not even saving letters. That just makes you look stupid.
So. Stop. Now.

I really shouldn't chide bulletin readers. But really.

Ok so anyway. who saw
Lost Pictures, Images and Photos
season 5 finale?
it was freaking riveting! Don't you think?

heart with chalk Pictures, Images and Photos
this is cute!!
Just looking at random stuff on photobucket.

color in hand Pictures, Images and Photos
My grandpa has a stash of peanut m&ms in his studio. Yummy stuff.

OH and you know what I was thinking about?

Like you know how on Thanksgiving you're supposed to say what you're grateful for? I never do. But really I was thinking about it and I really am grateful for a lot of things.

You know what I want right now?
well I have nothing better to do. Actually I do. I could do homework. But anyway.
Iced Chai Tea Latte Pictures, Images and Photos
cookie Pictures, Images and Photos
Ben and Jerrys Pictures, Images and Photos

that's enough of that.

OOH i want some vacation. Like Mexico?
I'm going to Florida soon. YAAAAAYYYY.
But really. School is so old.

Rain today. I love rain.

If I got a blog, would you read it?

I'm oddly enough running out of things to say. Which is strange because like during the day I think of lots and lots of things to say.
anyway. thanks for reading



First off, turn the sound on.

The Castle bulletin. I'm currently watching it. Again. But it is really good.
castle Pictures, Images and Photos
that's a crappy picture, but anyway. I love this show! For my bitchen bulletin followers who don't know, it's about an arrogant crime writer who starts to follow around a cop, it's a really good show (even though Geetika says it sounds stupid)
Well go to and watch some episodes. Trust me, it's amazing!

Change of subject

You know what pisses me off?
Teachers with attitude. MHM. That's why I'm so glad Ms. McDonough is gone. My goodness, she hated me. But everyone hated her. She's gonnna suck as a teacher.
but anyway

I missed Emily and Kristen and Tatiana today!


and I know nobody cares. But it's so awesome!

SO for my randomness
I was abused today! Isaiah is so mean!
Gosh so mean.

And also

You know the game boggle?
Yeah, it's for losers.
I don't like it. But my dad loves it.

And this would be the source of the music.


some great songs to give a listen.

So also, people who don't listen to music. or who refuse to try new music.
anything not normal "sucks"
I'm gonna go because really I'm running out of crap.
Watch Castle.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another old one. I promise I will catch up.

Who loves Adam Lambert?
Ok well back off. He's my husband.
And yes, you say he's gay. But no.
Our love is strong enough
to break
the bonds


adam lambert Pictures, Images and Photos

I mean, dayum

OMG you know who else is sexy?
A.F.I Pictures, Images and Photos

the blond guy. second from the right. mmmmm.

well anyway.

ok well anyways. ME and SARAH made a BITCHIN NEW VOICEMAIL
I mean it is totally awesome.
Ever wanted to talk to a unicorn?
mwahahahaha. just press one. or six. but five is my personal favorite.
^^ that's the sound i make when i'm bored.

Ever think about old inside jokes?
I was thinking about some today,
they make like no sense.

and also

ah idk.
Dude more pathetic people today

i looked completely awful today
well its over

ah i love sciennce now.
even though I get thoroughly nothing done.
Who cares about the weather anyway?


clearly, you're boring me.

noooo just kidding! way to read this :)
I need to go to the mall.
Well not need. But I would love to go shopping.
What's to look forward to?

Well the season finale of
lost Pictures, Images and Photos
is on tomorrow night
and guess who is on it?!
Sayid Pictures, Images and Photos
Naveen Andrews
He's so cool!

And also the Florida competition
and Kings Dominion
Then Summer
But its not coming fast enough :(((

well anyways
Clearly I'm running out of things that make this bulletin bitchin.
love, Ivyy

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

old, posted now.

you're so gay and you don't even like boys :)

anyone else think that song is mean?
I mean the lyrics start with
"you should hang yourself"

so anyway. some people are pathetic. i think its funny. but it would be mean to go and talk about it.
so as to not keep my HA feelings repressed i let them out in a bullitin.
are you really reading this?

GOOD FOR YOU!!! =) thats awesome.

Who can take a sunrise and sprinkle it with dew?
The candy man can cuz he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.

Spring. Is. The. Best. Season. Ever.

Like really. All the benefits of summer without the mosquitos.

spring Pictures, Images and Photos

Car rides. They're pretty fun, right?

Well I think so. I visited my grandparents today. They're awesome. My grandma is an artist and my grandpa is a photographer.

Plus, they have a really beautiful house/yard. It's like 9 acres. Lots of places to explore.

OH but something gay
People who are like
Oh i loooove coffee!
and then
go to starbucks and order a crappachino
and are like mmmmmmm

but if you give them a cup of hardcore coffee they can't drink it.
the people who fill up their cup with like a quarter cup of coffee
then add like a ton of "irish cream" crap
mate Pictures, Images and Photos
thats hazelnut but whatever.

on to something cheerier
gr i didn't like her!

I'm so excited, I'm going to Florida!
But.... gr I have to learn another program...
Anyways. Bored of reading this yet?
well way to stick it out.

Wow that was a lot of stuff!
Have a nice day =)

OHHHH and guess what?! I know what part of my birthday present is!

well ok. bye

&& Yes It's been a while

blogging is just so hard!
especially when no one reads,
but on my myspace i post bitchen bulletins which expire after 10 days.
for the especially awesome ones, i convert them into myspace blogs (view here)
and a lot of my friends read it.
so i ask the question,
if i got a blog, would you read it?
most say yes.
So maybe I should.
anyways. I'm gonna start copying my blogs from there over to here.
lets show some attitude.
I've got a lot to say, now is a reason to say it.