Saturday, December 19, 2009

Did it hurt?

That's a great song, by nevershoutnever!
So today it snowed, and snowed.
and my friend and I dressed up. I wore 4 pairs of pants.
We went outside to find it wasn't good packing snow.
I realize now the powdery snow is good for sledding.
It was very windy, and no one was outside.
Sooo we danced around a lot
and we jumped into the snow,
and it was deep snow.
it's such a workout to be in snow.
It's fun too.

And we watched Push last night,
which is a great movie and I love it and would highly recommend it.

I think poses for pictures are stupid.
Like your middle finger.
Does that send a message to anyone other then that you don't care about maybe that it's disrespectful, and you're unaware of the consequences?

It makes you look stupid.

So I've noticed the people who are skinny are the ones who are the fattest.
Like the ones who feel confident in a bikini and don't stress about eating and brag about a fast metabolism are the ones who actually have a rather expansive gut?

It's oddly disappointing, that these people we give labels to, they don't really live up to be who they give themselves the reputation of being.

And it's not that they need to achieve perfection. Not at all. But they should at least live up to their own standards.

I also realized Christmas music sucks.
Holiday music is nice.
But when you start to sing about Jesus,
it doesn't matter how devoted you are and all that,
people feel uncomfortable.

Besides, according to Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, Jesus was born in the summer and everyone lied about his birthday.
So how can we complain about "What Christmas Has Become..."
When it became what it was a looong time ago?

I'm pretty sure it was around 2008 years ago.

I started thinking of the origin of everyone's love for snow.
Maybe it's just wanting to get out of school.
But still, when snow comes on Friday night, people get excited.
It's weekend, with 6 days until Christmas.
I'm fairly sure we need to go places, but with 18 inches of snow on the ground its hard to leave the house and buy the things you need.
Snow is cold, snow is wet. Snow gets inside your socks and makes you borrow your dad's boots, to wear bulky coats and 4 pairs of pants, just to go outside and find that your face is freezing,
and after you make a snowman and have a pathetic snowball fight, there's not much else you can do but shovel your driveway.

So remind me exactly why we like snow.

I'm bored (I can't go anywhere because it's snowing.)
So I will give you (my one reader, MARA!) a list of potential reasons to like snow and then why they suck.

1) It's pretty.
Take a picture. Go to Europe.
2) You can sled.
Has anyone ever actually had fun sledding? Or was it just the fun of being with friends but in reality you're cold and the snow sucks for sledding anyway?
3) You can make a snowman.
Is there any better way to waste a carrot?
4) Snowball fight.
As if anyone actually likes snowball fights. Society just tells us we should.

I think hot weather is really the best thing.
That's just me.
Bye now.

Friday, December 18, 2009

You're only as tall as your heart will let you be.

So I had the best idea ever thought of.
Care to hear it?
So Abba's boredom mixed with creative bankruptcy resulted in the creation of Mamma Mia.

Imagine, if you will, the Mamma Mia of My Chemical Romance.
Can you picture it?
The story of a guy who lost his father (black parade) and then goes to sing for the rest of his life.
He suffers from depression (I'm not okay)
He then gets a suicidal girlfriend (Helena) and helps her (Famous Last Words) so she's not suicidal, then gets cancer (Cancer) and then dies (Sleep)
then when he's dead, Helena tells the doctors he can be a donor (Blood).

Well maybe that's a bit gloomy.

But I know a play is out there.
If you can write a play about a girl who has three possible fathers and doesn't even find out which one is her father and it gets turned into a movie, why not the story of an emo band with true messages about society.

So I got my PSAT scores.
I realized I did better then a lot of people so I can't brag. I will now boast on here.
And for those who do read this, it's my blog, don't like it don't read it.

To continue

61 critical reading.
I scored higher then 94% of sophomores. Go me.

54 Mathematics
I scored higher then 81% of sophomores. Go me.
I was really dissapointed with how I did in math. I wanna retake it and do better.

50 Writing Skills
I scored higher then 79% of Sophomores. Go me.
This was my worst (Duh)
and I'm dissapointed in myself.

My overall section index was 165.
My Percentile among college-bound juniors was 77.
Go me.

Does this make me smart?

So I think this joke is funny:

An atom walks into a bar, and asks the bartender, “Have you seen my electron? I’ve lost my electron.”
The bartender responds, “Are you sure?”
The atom responds, “Yes, I’m positive.”


So yesterday in science, we had a gift exchange
I love that class, and the people.
I don't think I say that but once a year.
We don't do anything in the class.
We don't learn anything,
and I think I'm losing brain mass
We did a gift exchange
and I was late to class, and they waited for me before they opened presents.
I got a mixology by Kayla.
It was amazing.
And it had a little booklet to go with it, with a drawing with a dinosaur and the list of the names of the songs. That meant a lot because I could tell she worked a lot on it.

I went to the lego store and made three characters, Pirate Michael, Firefighter Jon, and Lumberjack Kayla.

I also sorta anticipated him forgetting Kayla, so I got her a stick of sparkly blue eyeliner.
Jon anticipated the same thing and got her a voodoo doll keychain thing,
and named it Ivy :D
Gerald got Jon a psp!
and Jon got Gerald this helladank statue thing.
Since Michael wasn't there, we changed Pirate Michael into Pirate Gerald, and they each got their counterpart.

I thought that was the greatest thing, and I was really happy with how it turned out.

Spanish, my next class, was awful.
I just hate stupid people.
And fat people,
and teachers who don't teach,
oh well I think I just don't like people in general.
Except my science buddies.

So I also discovered I'm very judgmental when it comes to coffee.
Not naming names, not that it would matter because this particular person would never read my blog, but this person, let's call him Jose.

Jose gets a coffee maker for Hanukkah.
He makes instant coffee.
Pours out about a quarter of it
and fills it up with creamer. French vanilla.

Now, I'm not so hardcore that I take my coffee black. I take it with milk and a little teeny bit of sugar.

He then (after loading it with enough creamer to make 5 people diebetic) adds sugar.
I make some comment, to which he replies, "Shut up."
Then, he goes to the fridge and takes out the whipped cream.
And then,
he goes and puts the whipped cream on his coffee. Which isn't coffee anymore.
It's not a beautiful brown, its more a yellow-y color.
The color of apple cider.

I'm assuming that the coffee taste was all but gone, and it was pretty cold by then.
And I know I shouldn't judge other people's coffee drinking habits, but its one of those things that bothers me.

Coffee, popular as it is, can only be drunk by the most hardcore people.
People who drink instant, half coffee half creamer, caramel macciatos, lattes, mochas, ANYTHING with whipped cream and call it coffee have issues.

The people who say I loove coffee then have a sip and make a face bother me.

Aaand I'm going to stop this now, a nice long post to tide you over.

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

As your superior, I forbid you to write on that board!

So I'm sick. Thus explains the blogging. Anyways, um I don't really have a lot to say.
I am thinking of watching a movie upstairs,
But I have to study for the PSAT.
I think I'll study and watch the movie.
And do some situps.
I should get off my facebook. And off this couch.
But coming later is my life wishlist.
k bye.for now.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Blogs are for complaining

Is that true? I don't think so.
Kinda depressed.
Can't fathom why.
My theory: I'm too smart. But we know that's not true.
Who can't write proper English?
Seriously, a spelling test?

I had to hide the Nutella from myself. That stuff is waaayyyy too good man.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you moving far too fast?

You know, I'm sort of scared,
just as scared as I was of starting high school,
I'm afraid of winter.
I don't want it to get colder. I don't want things to change.
Because I'm fine with how things are now, in fact, for once I wish it was still summer. Usually I'm glad for seasons change.
but I don't want fall, or winter, or anything.
I wish time stood still or something.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do you feel like you're stuck in time?

Perchance you noticed the change of blog name, Did you?
I don't know, thought it was time for a change. Did you know that there is a weight room at my high school?
And I got a piggy back ride today from someone who is probably half my weight. He called my fat.

Why are there like 40 people on the varsity soccer team, and only like 15 on the JV team?

Or why I'm at the library, and I might know the random person sitting next to me, he may be in my English class, but oh my I have no idea.

Maybe I should be more social, after all, it's sort of my fault when some other kid is grading my "spelling test" (in quotes because I am WAAAAAAYYYY too old for spelling tests.) marks me down just because he doesn't like me.

Maybe it's a matter of race. Did you hear I got yelled at by some fat girl I never talk to about catching an attitude? I wasn't even talking to her.
I mean, why all the automatic hostility? Is it really necessary?
If I never talk to you, you have no reason to hate me. So in theory, we could be totally nice to eachother. But that's just not how the average BLEH rolls. No, she's too busy making her friends hate her and lining up in the snack line and getting in trouble for violating the dress code (ew.) to bother being nice to the white girl.

That was such a redundant blog. AHEM. Well I should leave. bye!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are you insane?

I swear I am.
But that's neither here nor there. What's here and there is that I haven't blogged in a while.
So once again, I must update you on my life, (even though I'm fairly sure the only people reading this are my parents, I am still convinced that my blog will one day become famous).

Well I sometimes get this feeling that I am disgusting. It usually comes right around after eating way too much then feeling a double chin growing and my stomach expanding. Trust me, you don't want to be me.
So that happened tonight, and I can't just feel fat, I have to do something. So at 9:00 at night I take a jog around my hood.

You know what's worse then feeling gross and fat?
Feeling gross and fat and having cramps. But 100 sit ups later, the gross is usually replaced with exhaustion.

So today I took the BUS, I know.
More people should use public transportation, don't you think?

You know how some people listen to work out music?
Well, if you turn your sound up, you're listening to some now!

Well hopefully. For me, as I am typing this, it's still loading. You know what I love? Cold War Kids. And Spoon. And the Strokes, and MCR, and oh wow this could go on for a while. Basically, you should look up this stuff since clearly you're bored.

13 Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words from

This song would be called Famous Last Words by the wonderful My Chemical Romance.

So yes sorry about that little outburst above, I don't know what got into me.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are supposed to learn. And the teacher has a child in the class. And the child sucks at life. Except AY&WTDG:OISHfgare9yghlS. I'm sorry, That's how I feel.
And that litte girl has the nerve to tell me that, "you suck" well excuse me, at least I don't need my mother to confirm talent that isn't really there.

Because so you know, I don't suck. And I don't need my mother to confirm that. I'm not going to whine and put myself down so people can tell me it's not true.
*whimper* I'm so fattttttttt
So the correct response is, "No you're not."
My response is,
"Yeah, you kinda are."

So with the above, "I feel gross"
Don't be all like Oh she's anorexic. Because I get a lot of crap like that. More like ew I feel nasty.

Well I'm going to go try to work a little bit more before bed, bye.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is the life.

And it sucks.
But we must deal?
So today I sat next to the future murderer of the junior class, who asked if I was a freshman.
And I'm the smartest person in my english and science classes. Maybe history too, who knows.

But how is it even possible to be in "honors" integrated science?
And it's not.
Because it's the real idiots who can't make bio.
Oh but did you hear? I'm in Honors Algebra 2 trig, with a teacher who I can't understand. And I talk fast, I get the talking fast.
But he talks way too fast and way too indian to get it.

Well if I pass that, and I mean I will, straight A's here,
I will take pre calc during summer, Which may or may not count as a high school credit, maybe even college.
So as a sophmore I'll take AP calc, and as a junior I'll take AP stat.

Sounds good.

Thing is, everyone who deserves to be in honors is in a different program.
I might die.

You know, we wasted so much time just listing careers.
That's not science.

So anyways,

life is a blow. but it's pretty fun anyways.
random I know.
i think I'm stoned on earl grey, I know I should lay off the tea for a bit.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Did you learn anything today?

Because I didn't.
I went to freshman orientation today. It was extremely disorganized and I ditched.
I know, my first episode of being bad. Because I am so bad.
Gosh. This sucks.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shop with Yuppies

Oh Maa Gawd. It sucks.
I mean, who really wants to try something on that they love, sure it's a little out there, a little different then what normal people wear, then ask your Yuppy friend how it looks and they give you a dirty look and go "...ummm, it's .... great."
I mean, seriously, I don't want you to tell me what I want to hear. I would rather hear, (something mandy would say, see misadventures)
"No. Go back, take that off. That's disgusting on you."
Because I would rather be told that then get a strange look like I'm crazy.
I'm not crazy. I assure you.
"I mean, dresses at Nordstrom are only like, $68. That's really not that bad."
I mean seriously? You're not going to get a T-shirt you will wear once a week but you will pay $120 for a dress you will wear twice?
"It's sort of worth it."

Oh and then Whole Foods. Whole Foods, Whole Foods, Whole Foods.
More expensive, all organic, and it really doesn't even taste that good.

If you get dragged into one...
Poor you.

"So do you like this Whole Foods?"
"Well, it seems exactly like Giant except it has more earthtones on the walls."
"Yeah, but it's better."
[incredulous face]
"I mean, if it's better for you, it's worth paying more."
"Right, so how exactly is it better?"
"All organic."

right, so lets take a pause in the conversation for me to rant on organic food.
You know, if you grow a peach on a tree, does that make it organic?
I say so. Because it's grown on a tree, not in a lab. Everything with no chemicals is organic. Right?
Wrong. Because when you add the words organic to a lable, and about 60% to the price, clearly it's better.
back to the conversation.
"What defines organic?"
"I don't know, they don't use pesticides, they don't add chemicals to the milk, they feed cows grass, instead of hay. Hay is cheaper."

Now lets pause again and examine that. Hay. Is cheaper then grass. Excuse me, what is that green stuff on the ground? Ahem, grass.
Excuse me, would you rather eat a perfectly good peach, or eat a peach with a worm in it?
Ahem, The normal peach. Yes, that would mean it might be made of pesticides.
You know, you can't die from that. That's why you wash produce. I prefer nice delicious food to nasty "naturally sweetened" more expensive CRAP.

So lets fast forward to the check out line, where we are purchasing two $4 slices of pizza and an $8 loaf of "French bread." Let me ask you something. If it's made in the united states, how can it be french? So I see some individual packs of Stacey's pita chips. I choose to say, "Oh I love those, I get them in bulk for about $4 for 36 packs at Costco."
I get some dirty looks, mixed judgment and pity.
"Oh, do you like dipping them in Hummus?"
"No, they don't sell that in bulk."

And, who pays $48 for a headband from Anthropologie?
And, who pays $70 for a sweatshirt?

I'm sorry, but what is wrong with society?
What is so wrong with paying $3 for a shirt that's worth $2?
That's so reasonable!


what a confusing world.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Better off Ted

I am in love with this show! Ted is sooo cute! I want to marry his son!
So my tummy feels all weird, like I'm burping. GROSSSS.....
anyways, you know what adults love to hear?
I will give you the no fail guide to getting out of trouble.
"It was poor judgment."
"It was my mistake."
"I'm sorry."
"I won't do it again, I promise."
Use these, any time, it will work. Guaranteed.
Ok, so be scared, I'm running out of things to say, to talk about.
I started another blog, but it's not going to be amazing as this one. I'll check in more once school starts, tell you about my homework load, and the freaks I meet.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Make it or Break it

Wow. This show is some crap. It's not good, at all.
So here is my rant about day one of freestyle camp.
There are waaaaaayyyy too many little kids.
And it's not a training camp now, it's a regular camp.
With the coaches trying to think of activities that the 7 year olds will enjoy.
And the real skaters roll their eyes and do the cha cha slide in the block formation.
I'm sorry it's just... It needs to be more intense.
and really this show sucks. Don't watch it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So I cook

I'm sooo nice.
My parents go golf, and I cook.
That's not all.
I cook chicken, my amazing chicken, which maybe if you pay me I will give you the recipe for. Or maybe just blog it when I'm bored.
So either way,
I cooked chicken. But apparently vegetables are needed, So I cut up two cukes and a mato, and made it all pretty.

Oh yay, they're home. Let's eat.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I like Food

I ate waaaayyy too much tonight.
And is it possible to get full on water?
I think it is, I just did.
Ugh, I'm gonna DIE!
burrp.. just now.
My tummy hurts.
Burrrp again.
Ugh I'm too full to blog.

Lets see if I can write an entire blog in another language

oye personas!
Yo estoy con mi madre, veindo la televisor.
Y tambien, estoy comiendo chili.
Muy sabroso.
No puedo piensar mas.
Au revior!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Speak in a week!

So in moment of discussing my future, I told my mom how bitter I was about not going to a french emersion school. I told her how much I would loooooveee to speak french. It's such a pretty language.
So with my new speak in a week program on my iPod and some little notebooks to carry around where ever I want to, I am finding out the sad truth: The alphabet as I know it is a lie.
And for all you young readers who don't know it yet, it's good that you know this as soon as possible.
You may think as you take your intro to spanish at your elementary school that the alphabet is just a little bit different, that you can just tweak it and it's just that simple. But that, children, is a lie.

We all know the french word for yes,
which happens to be my favorite word to say maybe ever,
except its not spelled wee,
it's spelled oui.
What, what, what? you are saying.

I know. Madness.

When a simple 2 words in english turns into a rushed 7 words in french,
well, it's not that pretty anymore.

So I'll stick with it.
But I might write random blogs about how my brain is becoming very confused with the english I know, and spanish I know, and the french that is just some crap.

So you little ones who are still young and fresh, learn your language now. And I mean NOW. Go ask you mom to buy you wuzzy or muffy or whatever that french speaking green thing is so you can learn, then laugh at those pathetic high schoolers who are struggling to understand how an o can sound like a w, or why s's are silent sometimes but not others.
Because knowing this early might be the key to success in life.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

If this is what I call home,

Why does it feel so alone?
random lyrics.
So you all know how I post these amazing blogs?
I went away for 2 weeks.
Jeeze, it's about time you stop depending on this awesomeness right here.
Actually, you don't have to.
So, like,
I went without internet for 2 weeks.
My phone broke.
"Physical or Water damage"
oh pshhhh
I don't abuse my phone!

Anyone who knows me knows that.
Well anyways, I'm on my old centro,
which sucks.
Well kinda.
I texted with my nails too long, so the keyboard is all cracked...
Oh well.

So like,
Charming guys rock.
Meaning all the guys in the south.
What's wrong with these [insert state in the north for anti-stalker purposes]ers?!

So yeah,
haha water parks are the best place to make new friends.

Like the ones who carry the double tubes up the slide, and be your partner in crime in the lazy river.
That was funny.

And the lifeguard who looks like Dominic Monaghan, he probably has nightmares about us or something.

But plus,
they have the cutest accents ever!!
And they talk about how they wear boots,
and live in a small town and will go to a high school with 400 people.
Oh that was fun.

So like, what's up with the low tide?
That was weird.

And I now interrupt this blog to mention that i am on Youtube listening to Owl City,
and the username of the person who posted this video is
"OMGItsSuicidalKytten" and, 'OMGItsSuicidalKytten" you're welcome for the publicity.
OMG. It's a suicidal emo girl who thinks they are a cat. Spelled with a Y....

I was thinking about what I could be when I grow up,
I was thinking professional blogger.
Everyone loves my blog, right?
So why not do it for a living?

Oh that's my dream life.
Then marrying a charming guy from the south.

Whoa. That's awesome.
and on that amazing note, I leave you. Goodnight, dearest readers!

Friday, July 17, 2009

My trip to the bookstore.

I'm flying-alone- tomorrow to North Carolina. Just to warn you, I might [read: probably] won't be able to blog for about 2 weeks.
Just so you know.
And Also,
I am about to tell you about the title of this blog.
I went to the bookstore. Not all that special, but this trip irked me.
You see, My pop and I walked into borders and separated. I looked at the new releases at the front of the store, the summer reads, the Borders book club. I wander over to the buy one get one half off table.
The first thing I pick up is FML (the book!)
Now, for those of you who don't routinely go to, it's basically a place where people write stories about their every day life and how much it sucks.
The book looked interesting. not something my pop would buy for me though. The next one I picked up: The Definitive Guide to Stuff White People Like, The Unique Taste of Millions.

And while the book doesn't describe the white over there in the Southwest, it sure describes the people I know.

So after picking up that book, (I promise to get to the ranty part now)
I walk back to the "Young Adult" section. RAWR. That's me being angry.

Ok seriously, I KNOW I used to love twilight. Yes, it's a good book. But have you and all the other girls in America ever stopped to think that this sexy being that you are all so in love with ISN'T REAL???? And even if he was, do you realize how very CREEPY he is?
I mean, how is watching you sleep sexy?
How can you justify someone beautiful manipulating you is lovely?

So now the entire bookstore is Twilight themed. Look. I'm tired of seeing vampires. It's so DONE. It's so overdone, it's so predictable, it's so old. ughh!

So other then my book on white people, and A Calvin And Hobbes book my Pop thought would be good for me to read,
I didn't get anything at the book store. I think it's something wrong with culture today.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm up. 6:04 according to my iPod.
I'm cold.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My career choice.

A professional eater. What do you think?
I mean, I could go out to eat every night and order, like,
Spend my whole next day at the gym working that off,
and maybe a half hour writing a review.
Sounds like FUN!
I love food.
Have I ever mentioned that?
like, food ROCKS.
Now you may be wondering why I'm talking about food and my amazing aspirations.
Well, I'm in the room as No Reservations is on. Not the Abigail Breslin movie, but the show on the travel channel.
Anthony Bourdaine is my hero. Like, I might write a song about him.
Like the one I wrote for my Pop.

OMG. you know what pisses me off?
Yes, lets all go document our lives on myspace.
I already have 186 pictures of me making faces in the mirror, lets add 126 more.
Look. I know you, you're reading this.
And you do this.
It's annoying.
What's the point of even living,
if the main goal is to take pictures so hopefully someone will notice?
It's dumb.

And you know what else?
I hate dumb people.
And idiots.

Ok all finished.
Sorry about that.
So yes I know you love my blog soooo much.
My birthday is this Tuesday.
So since I'm the source of the "Omg i soooo agree." that pops into your head every time you read this, want to buy me a present?
I like gift cards, but only from people who don't know me well enough to buy me something real.

So yeah,
Garage is a great store. I'm a size small there.
H&M is good too. I'm a 2.
Wet Seal is great,
oh and if you ever want to get me a pair of high top converse,
or a subscription to any teeny bop magazine,
or any nail polish,
Buttons or knee socks from Hot Topic.
Or ooooh A nose ring!!!!
Just email me.
:) feliz cupleanos a me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Braces Changed!

Now instead of that gross maroon and sliver on my teeth, I get beautiful teal. :)
I love Even Stevens, Don't you?
I have lots and lots of work to do.
I must do this work so I can go to the Vans Warped Tour ON MY BIRTHDAY!!
I'm so excited.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

it's summer

my hair is wet.
my foot is asleep.
im kind of hot.
and what am i doing with my summer?
read, cry.
cry because of the book.
ooh im hungry.

Friday, June 26, 2009

All Mixed Up in the Wash.

Go listen to some Cold War Kids.

How's your summer?
Mines is busy actually.
Bug bites! Lots of them!
And I got tan.
Tech (hell) week for Willy Wonka, which opens tomorrow!
So I have been trying to not be a summer bum.
Because isn't it so easy to waste your summer away on myspace?
Here's what I think:
MySpace during the school year, when you wish it was summer.
I don't want to waste my summer away.

Wow! has it only been a week! crazy!
It feels like soooo long!
So on Monday,
I went to the pool, I think that was Monday... I don't remember. Oh it was monday, I ironed my hair sunday then wanted to leave it so I didn't get in the pool but I tanned. And read. And it was dumb that I didn't get in because of my hair, Because on the ride home I got so sweaty and gross that I took a shower anyways.
Then Tuesday,
I cleaned my room! It was amazing! Mandy helped, of course. But it's vaccuumed and everything!!!
And Wednesday,
I went to the pool with a bunch of people I like never hang out with. It was pretty fun. And oh my gosh. I didn't want to get tan, because I didn't want a tan line. And I put on LOADS of sunscreen, and I got even more tan!
And Thursday,
Play Practice to fatty party! and staying up late.
To Friday,
Waking up with waffles and Going to the last play practice.

So what's weird about this blog,
it's a blog, not my usually outlet of attitude.
Strange stuff.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Puedo hablar en vietnamese.

So now my blog is hard to read?! Oh my!
I must change my blogging ways....
Oh food!!!
I'm watching here comes the newlyweds

hungryyyy.... all the time. summerness.

hm. want to give me some recipes? I want food!

although I am happy to say that I have been off the Dublin Mudslide for a few weeks now

Up, Down, Up, Down

It will get harder, cuz Life's like a jump rope.

and if you were wondering, she ended up with yummy cowboy. too bad, the rich guy was gorgeous.

ahhhh. summer. off to clean. bye!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pull this here handle

I'm watching Sweet Home Alabama.

So who will Reese end up with? Yummy rich guy or yummy cowboy who smiles pretty?

But none are as hot as THE yummy cowboy- hannah montana movie.

I hope it's cowboy. I mean he's so cute when he smiles! But also rich guy got her a Tiffany's ring....

oh decisions. good night lovely people!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I less then three you.

do you get it?!

it's been a while sine I have posted a blog!

so you know what's so supersupersuper?

Winning in Jeopardy.

YESS UNDE-(wait for it..)FEATED!!

that was fun.

YAAYYY for the brian robertss turned melvin moras!

so then,

last day of school.

waaayy too late, don't you think?

and omg I got a job.

and that will be my teaser, because I won't say what the job is, until the end of the bulletin.

back to that whole last day thing.

the "assembly"
i mean it was a nice thought,
but it was gross.
hot and sweaty people grinding on eachother....

ah oh well.

So I know what my birthday presents are.
there are 2, well from my parents.

I am going to the American idol concert
I am flying to north carolina.

sooo wanna give me some presents?

well actually no... I hate people who like do that,

ii takee the cakee julyy 14,
buyy me a presentttt?

gosh, can you say slut?

harsh opinions! I know!

which is why you will be so suprised about my job...
I won't tell you what it is yet though.

Wouldn't you LOVE to see a great play!

And I know that not a lot of people read this,
but I'm not gonna say where since maybe a stalker is reading

but if you wanna know when and where, message me

soooo I went to the beach today

not a real beach, the bay.

but that didn't stop me from getting fat and making a sand castle!

so how I spent the first day of summer,

well can't regret.



what is that?

anyway, me and G are such great dancers!

let me see you do the cupid shuffle, it don't matter if you're young or you're old, we will show you how to go.

two steepppp, two steepppp (and those are the only lyrics)

do that stanky leeggg, do the stanky leeggg,


but then there's

yes I walk it out,
yes I walk it out


YAAHH TRICK YAHH! get out my face! YAHH

and also

(one of my favorites)

the dance flo (spelling! ha) silly, the ladies gonna filmme.
the fallas in the back gonna twist up and somethingicantunderstandhim
get silly(AY AY AY)get silly(AY AY AY)

but no, not

soldja (oh idk how to spell) boy up in that hoe! watch me crank it watch me roll!

that is SUCH s stupid song.

am I losing you?

well I had better tell you my summer job thenn....

I am....

(drum roll please)

Arjun's life coach!

and no joke. hahaha.

maybe by the end of the summer he will be ready for a new school. fingers crossed.

I feel like Helen Keller's aid.

ahhh so now I must leave you;

much love for these unknown blog readers.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

oh goodness,

I haven't posted a blog in a while,
Well rehearsals, and finals, and more finals,
and well,
tomorrow starts the last week of school,
so more posts when summer starts,
I promise.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

i think master luke is in considerable danger!

And I don't know why people are so surprised by that.
Like some people will be like, "have you ever seen star wars?" with a ton of attitude.
And its like, No I've never seen it, I love them anyways.
DUH I have seen a movie that I love.
So I just watched episode 4, or episode 1 for you old peeps.

So I don't know why people think Star Wars is so nerdy.
I mean they are great movies!

So Yesterday was freaking amazing!
&& not to hurt feelings but my little group was waaaaaaaayyyyyyy better then going with a bigger group.
It was really fun.

Well I'm going to get back to my movie. Post more later.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

get off the stage!

I'm watching the american idol finale on tivo now.
lots of criticism.
first off, that "So What" was terrible. Sloppy. They were messy, their voices didn't go well together.

They sounded like a bunch of high schoolers with no practice singing.
Honestly, once in math my class started singing, and it sounded better then that.


David Cook is waaaayyy forgotton. So yeah he's hot. but he's so forgetable. fast forward. I'm bored.
He made the audience somber.

golden idol awards.
poor guys...
now why didn't he win?
"I want that purse, that is power!"

EW. Lil rounds and queen latifa? they both suck.
nothing racist, trust me. but you can tell that's why they're singing together.
that's also why all the dancers are black. my my my fox is so racist!
fast forward, that was way too boring.

EW. Anoop needs to shave.

And now its Kris and some random person. I'm bored. But I'll stick it out... oh ew no. fast forward.

Glamorous. EW that blond girl sucks.
it's sloppy. I wouldn't want to be singing with them.

OMG it's fergie wearing something slutty!
I mean I like Fergie. But this is baaaaddd.
Big girls don't cry is a greeeaatt song.

Black eyed peas!
Personally, I like the chinese guy,
randon censorship?
but really Fergie doesn't even do anything good in the band. I like the guys, just not her.
And random faceless people?
But overall, i like this performance.
Nazi sign at the end?

More idol awards.
Ew. Bikini girl. weiiiirrrdooo.

Kara is way better they her. HA! wow. pathetic.

Allison! Whooo!
This is such a pretty song. I like the other girl live.

I hate danny gokki. make him leave!

Gotta say I love Adam Lambert, he's my husband.

ugh, that's enough of that.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shoutout to Pop!

I'm so amazing.
Like really, get jealous.
OH well I totally forgot, this is a shoutout to Pop but not me!
OK well anyway.
RELA class, learning about poetry.
yaaaaayyy. no, not really.
Sarcasm, love it?
So we had to write poems, one of which was a ballad.
You know the definition of a ballad?
Well I do, I had to define it.
A narrative poem meant to be recited or sung.
We had to read one of our poems in class
and I am SO gonna sing to my class
I so did. And rocked it.

Here is my song/ballad

My daddy is cool,
he's cooler then yours
he's cooler then lions,
and lions roar.

We drink coffee,
and go to concerts,
because he is so cool,
except, he cares about school.

So when he turned 50,
I said "Dad, you're as old as a rock,
You can't be called dad anymore,
Your new name is Pop."

And he said, "That's fine.
I'm older then dirt,
but I'm still really cool,
because I'm wearing this cool shirt,
But really now, focus on school."

My dad went to UVA
and now he works
he doesn't really like his job,
because he's working for jerks.

But that's ok.
He's cool anyway,
He's cool as an ice cube.
That's very cool as they say.
And that is why,
My pop is so cool,
You should be jealous,
and wish that your dad is cool toooooooooo.

Oh that was amazing. But seriously, he's awesome. check out his blog, here


School's a blow

But ben&jerry's Dublin Mudslide is like, Probably what they give addicts in rehab so they switch from drugs to this. it's soo good!
Oh and hey, did you hear that dublin is gonna be the biggest city?
yeah, it's Dublin every day!

I can't wait for summer,
and I know that conflicts with what I said earlier about high school being all depressing,

I hate the assistant principals,
they are so stupid.

blah blah blah,

school makes me scream,
scratch that,
school makes me get fat of Dublin Mudslide.

MMMMMM it's so freaking good!

Left early, Sick.
Actually, I was sick because the gay principals made me chug my water,
and I was about to throw up


Anyway, I'm leaving you now,
off to do science.



Monday, June 1, 2009

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow!

my throat, is sore.
oh i don't know.
losing inspiration I guess.
It's the end of the year.
And nothing has changed
I still suck
still kinda confused.
And as much as I hate that pit of middle school misery,
we're nearing the end.
4 more years. THATS IT!!!
are you ready for the real world?
do you know what you really want?
I don't. And I don't want to leave the tiny world of middle school.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Your eyes told a tale of an act of betrayal.

So today was such a waste of a Saturday
I woke up.
Then went back to sleep.
Some time I unplugged my phone, because when I was fully aware, it wasn't charging anymore. I'm pretty sure it was at 5:48 when I woke up...
So when I got up I spent a really really long time making myself pretty, just to go to play practice all freaking day. Then getting home, I decided I would love to make a change and cut my own hair. Not so fantastic. Oh well, it will grow out, and not much school left so I doubt anyone will notice.

This seems like boring blog. Well to me it does. I think it's cuz I'm not making judgmental remarks.

About that. I think being mean makes me sad. Like really it hurts my outlook on the world.
I should be nicer.
Nice is boring.

oh and you know what else is boring?
rule followers.
Gosh, they are just no fun.
I mean I'm not a bad kid. Meaning usually, I don't get caught.

But still, I guess I stretch rules.
My spanish teacher (cough) says that I always have one toe over the line.

But the line is sooooo boring!

Well I will try to be a nice person-interesting person hybrid.

Oh this is hard.

I'll work on it.
much luck with your life,

Friday, May 29, 2009

Can you stay strong?

So I miss Christmas. Some great, fantastic times.
And I say this because Brandon just called lol.
How sad, I miss my Christmas crew.

And so today was great. Tons of fun organizing music for band, and gossiping, and singing for the sixth grade chorus class. That was great.

Oh dude,
screamo SUCKS.

It's not even music.
It's noise.
Like I mean music that has screaming is fine, great even. But screamo is just so dumb.
No melody, or anything.
Just noise.

I never...

Hello there,
It's me.
I'm watching Jimmy Kimmel with M-M-Mandy.
Its funny.
and dude. today was awesome.
errrr not too much to say. there was a nice old bulletin to catch up onnnn....
soo bye.

Make me a supermodel!


I'm watching Cupid. It's cute.

I like the music in it.

Ugh so today;

and omg I was talking to Chris and I have a totally new view on Edward:
so for all you twilight fans
here is a wakeup call.
edward Pictures, Images and Photos
is a pedifile
like in real life if anyone acted like him,
they needed to be reported to the police
like seriously
hanging out in someone's room all the time,
telling you secrets you can't tell anyone
and how he's so controlling

soo guess what
I get to leave early tomorrow
to skate, then thursday too
then on friday night

Book project today.


hahahahahaha I love trevor
the cupid not a person

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm show is over

I better get back to doing the book project.



Thursday, May 28, 2009

newwww post! as in written just now!

Losing it is super beautiful. By NeverShoutNever!
go listen! gogogogo!
last school concert, ever.
oh and I missed the drama club play again. haha. that was soooo fun.
&& noo I didn't cut. I had a pass. XD
but us "lows" are supercool.

I want.a.stud.inmynose.

I mean thats so edgy and cool,
and when people would see me they would be like
whoa she's cool,
before even knowing me.

Well that's not why I want one.
Because personally I don't bother too much with what other people think.
If you think about it, nothing you do can change people's judgement. So why even try?
Por ejemplo, (and I feel I'm qualified to randomly use spanish because I'm beast in that class without really trying) My science teacher,
no matter what I do. I will be quiet and she will move me if the people around me are talking.
dude and I'm not even exaggerating!
She's a bit weird. And she smells like rice. haa but thats not cuz she's asian because she's not nearly ninja enough.

BACK to the whole nose pierced thing. wow, why do you get me so off track? What is wrong with you?! FISH SLAP!

Nose rings hurt. But they make a statement. And they're pretty. In a hardcore manner.
Like a manner that is so hardcore posers can't even get there.

Some people used to tell me that if I got a nose ring, they would never talk to me again.
But they're not talking to me anyway. So... What's stopping me?

OMG OMG OMG. GUESS WHO I SAW AT [insert italian ice stand's name here, I won't say it in case i go there and you, the stalker, is waiting for me]!!!
well i know you don't know.
it was my BEST FRIEND FOREVER Willie!
And by best friend forever, I of course mean the person who secretly wants to be my best friend but won't admit it.

that was awesome.
dude the other day, i was playing sax and i choked on my spit!
and it was right in the middle of a song! boo!
well anyways, gross.

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

Are you reading this?

oh, well if so, Thank you! I appreciate it a lot. Actually.... wait no. That was a mean thought. And I'm fighting those out of my mind.

But since this is MY blog, and you are reading this, I suppose I can say what I want... since, well, you're reading this and you don't have to be.

NO NO NO NO NO! don't press the little box in the corner with the x! that is a disasterous box!

I mean, unless you really have to go. But really, keep reading.

Well actually. I'm gonna wrap this up since it's getting late. But either way, I will try to move other my myspace blogs since we all know that is where the true aweomeness is going on.

I will. post again. later.

keep reading! don't press that little box with the x!

(because I am so cool!)

moooreeee catch upp =)

has anyone noticed how myspace is becoming facebook? I mean look the little message bar! I hate that on fb, now we have it on myspace too?
Myspace was fine before it turned into this!!!!

So I have my iPod on shuffle right now, and so you know, I have some weird music. Right now is Given Up on by
linkin Pictures, Images and Photos

and if you haven't heard that song and are a generally cheery person and want to hear something so depressing it's funny then listen to it. It's like, screaming. And to a point screaming is cool, I guess. But when you're screaming and it's noise more then music, it's a bit excessive.

Oh you know what pisses me off?

when people can't spell. or spell like crap for shorthand. or use weird symbols.

ok so for example:
lls= laughing like shit.
this is so stupid. shit doesn't even laugh. seriously.
but then you take this lls and turn it into
ok. wtf is a zhit? how does that even make sense?

turning "like"

I mean that's not even saving letters. That just makes you look stupid.
So. Stop. Now.

I really shouldn't chide bulletin readers. But really.

Ok so anyway. who saw
Lost Pictures, Images and Photos
season 5 finale?
it was freaking riveting! Don't you think?

heart with chalk Pictures, Images and Photos
this is cute!!
Just looking at random stuff on photobucket.

color in hand Pictures, Images and Photos
My grandpa has a stash of peanut m&ms in his studio. Yummy stuff.

OH and you know what I was thinking about?

Like you know how on Thanksgiving you're supposed to say what you're grateful for? I never do. But really I was thinking about it and I really am grateful for a lot of things.

You know what I want right now?
well I have nothing better to do. Actually I do. I could do homework. But anyway.
Iced Chai Tea Latte Pictures, Images and Photos
cookie Pictures, Images and Photos
Ben and Jerrys Pictures, Images and Photos

that's enough of that.

OOH i want some vacation. Like Mexico?
I'm going to Florida soon. YAAAAAYYYY.
But really. School is so old.

Rain today. I love rain.

If I got a blog, would you read it?

I'm oddly enough running out of things to say. Which is strange because like during the day I think of lots and lots of things to say.
anyway. thanks for reading



First off, turn the sound on.

The Castle bulletin. I'm currently watching it. Again. But it is really good.
castle Pictures, Images and Photos
that's a crappy picture, but anyway. I love this show! For my bitchen bulletin followers who don't know, it's about an arrogant crime writer who starts to follow around a cop, it's a really good show (even though Geetika says it sounds stupid)
Well go to and watch some episodes. Trust me, it's amazing!

Change of subject

You know what pisses me off?
Teachers with attitude. MHM. That's why I'm so glad Ms. McDonough is gone. My goodness, she hated me. But everyone hated her. She's gonnna suck as a teacher.
but anyway

I missed Emily and Kristen and Tatiana today!


and I know nobody cares. But it's so awesome!

SO for my randomness
I was abused today! Isaiah is so mean!
Gosh so mean.

And also

You know the game boggle?
Yeah, it's for losers.
I don't like it. But my dad loves it.

And this would be the source of the music.


some great songs to give a listen.

So also, people who don't listen to music. or who refuse to try new music.
anything not normal "sucks"
I'm gonna go because really I'm running out of crap.
Watch Castle.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another old one. I promise I will catch up.

Who loves Adam Lambert?
Ok well back off. He's my husband.
And yes, you say he's gay. But no.
Our love is strong enough
to break
the bonds


adam lambert Pictures, Images and Photos

I mean, dayum

OMG you know who else is sexy?
A.F.I Pictures, Images and Photos

the blond guy. second from the right. mmmmm.

well anyway.

ok well anyways. ME and SARAH made a BITCHIN NEW VOICEMAIL
I mean it is totally awesome.
Ever wanted to talk to a unicorn?
mwahahahaha. just press one. or six. but five is my personal favorite.
^^ that's the sound i make when i'm bored.

Ever think about old inside jokes?
I was thinking about some today,
they make like no sense.

and also

ah idk.
Dude more pathetic people today

i looked completely awful today
well its over

ah i love sciennce now.
even though I get thoroughly nothing done.
Who cares about the weather anyway?


clearly, you're boring me.

noooo just kidding! way to read this :)
I need to go to the mall.
Well not need. But I would love to go shopping.
What's to look forward to?

Well the season finale of
lost Pictures, Images and Photos
is on tomorrow night
and guess who is on it?!
Sayid Pictures, Images and Photos
Naveen Andrews
He's so cool!

And also the Florida competition
and Kings Dominion
Then Summer
But its not coming fast enough :(((

well anyways
Clearly I'm running out of things that make this bulletin bitchin.
love, Ivyy

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

old, posted now.

you're so gay and you don't even like boys :)

anyone else think that song is mean?
I mean the lyrics start with
"you should hang yourself"

so anyway. some people are pathetic. i think its funny. but it would be mean to go and talk about it.
so as to not keep my HA feelings repressed i let them out in a bullitin.
are you really reading this?

GOOD FOR YOU!!! =) thats awesome.

Who can take a sunrise and sprinkle it with dew?
The candy man can cuz he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.

Spring. Is. The. Best. Season. Ever.

Like really. All the benefits of summer without the mosquitos.

spring Pictures, Images and Photos

Car rides. They're pretty fun, right?

Well I think so. I visited my grandparents today. They're awesome. My grandma is an artist and my grandpa is a photographer.

Plus, they have a really beautiful house/yard. It's like 9 acres. Lots of places to explore.

OH but something gay
People who are like
Oh i loooove coffee!
and then
go to starbucks and order a crappachino
and are like mmmmmmm

but if you give them a cup of hardcore coffee they can't drink it.
the people who fill up their cup with like a quarter cup of coffee
then add like a ton of "irish cream" crap
mate Pictures, Images and Photos
thats hazelnut but whatever.

on to something cheerier
gr i didn't like her!

I'm so excited, I'm going to Florida!
But.... gr I have to learn another program...
Anyways. Bored of reading this yet?
well way to stick it out.

Wow that was a lot of stuff!
Have a nice day =)

OHHHH and guess what?! I know what part of my birthday present is!

well ok. bye

&& Yes It's been a while

blogging is just so hard!
especially when no one reads,
but on my myspace i post bitchen bulletins which expire after 10 days.
for the especially awesome ones, i convert them into myspace blogs (view here)
and a lot of my friends read it.
so i ask the question,
if i got a blog, would you read it?
most say yes.
So maybe I should.
anyways. I'm gonna start copying my blogs from there over to here.
lets show some attitude.
I've got a lot to say, now is a reason to say it.